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Black Desert Cross Platform International CM

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Due the the genius of this game and the inability to farm in game currencies for transfer of real in world currency, this is viable option.

The only requirement for this is that an Items stats are the same across each platform and each nation around the world.

The Black Desert+ Smart Phone App would be essentially become a conduit for all of the systems to talk, in a sense of items exchange.

It would remove the item from one system in whatever nation and apprear on another system in another nation.

This would, could and should apply to Black Desert Mobile, Black Desert PS4 & Xbox and PC Black Desert Remastered.

The difficult one would be for the PC to join as all of the other systems would have to have all of the central market items available to the PC version.  The other versions are also more closely related in versions.

Mobile and Console would be a very easy feat to accomplish and the traction this company would gain with its user base would be totally unfounded, rest assured, it would be phenomenal.

The consoles should have the same functionality as the Mobile devices do, as not to exclude function from one to the next.

I am currently working on a User Interface that would be nearly on par with the speed and accuracy that a smart phone allows for control, but with a controller instead for those who either do not have, can't get or can't afford.

Thank you.


Gacup (Sparkle Sparkle)

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For so many reasons I can tell you this would not happen for a very long time if ever. 

Pearl would have to implement every item in the game onto every platform.

PC has whole sections of the game that are not available on console. Not just gear drops but crafting items that simply are impossible on PS4 like wagons that have infinite lifespan and move at 147 spd. Which I would love but no way would Pearl want people buying stuff from one economy to another like that.

Plus they would have to network every server for every platform together and that is just a cost to Pearl with no upside for them.

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I disagree full with that, besides the pc version is much further than the console version's it will also inbalance many things.  One another thing is on "PC" you have more options, grinding is easier et cetera... so no.

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