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Let's Go a Little More Potato First

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Ok, I am going to apologize forthright for this suggestion however it is absolutely necessary if this game is to grow, because the more players that log in, the more what your about to read becomes true.

This game has hardly caught traction yet, just wait till your player base triples and then think about how many changes should have been made before it becomes so bad people stop logging on.

Being that this is a console game, wasting resources on NPCs that do not do anything to actually add to the games depth other than making it look nicer, it is sapping precious system resources.

1.) Town guards, how many do we need, the answer is not how many that look nice, it is how many does it take for them to do their job and kill PKs trying to enter the town. 

2.) Wandering Non-Combative NPCs, there's a huge number of these, none with actual purpose.  Yes they look nice, but they are subtracting from more important areas of this game, such as GM events, rendering time issues, system latency.

Would anyone else like to see these resources used else where our even just not used at all?

3.) The number of creatures at spawn are high, you would increase the available resources by reducing count and reducing spawn time. 20% reduction in max spawn count, reduce spawn time to equal the same number of dead bodies laying around in the same amount of time.  Same result, same number of dead creatures, less bodies active at one time.  Incorporate an algorithm that increases count temporarily and also reduces spawn time if people are killing the crap out of whatever it is. 

4.) NPCs that lack function, purpose or questline. Who on here needs NPCs to make a game feel populated?  If they have a purpose, questline, or are a type of vendor, then keep them. Otherwise clean house. We don't have the system resources on a ps4 pro let alone an old ps4.

5.) Functional over flashy.  If it cannot function with the flash, then it cannot function. The more flash, the less function.

6.) Find what is the number one most taxing thing on this game and go full potato on it graphically, then move the bar up a little at a time until you reach a point where it's functionally is equal to or greater than its graphical quality.  Ultima online has more active users than ps4, and it is the grandfather of potato, but the games functionally is solid.

7.) Special effects, if you have 100 people in a small area can or system even render potato skill effects?

I honestly don't think it can, which means large scale events wont work unless people either agree/push for removal of the flashy crap for more modest effects followed by the game dev team making the change.

10 to 1, reduce the processing requirement of skill effects by 90% so that if you get lag from 10 people spamming huge AOE graphic intense crap then now you could handle closer to 100.

Ok, this is by far the harshest thing I've written yet, but my ps4 pro sounds like it wants to take off and I'm not even fighting anything nor is anyone around me.

You can offer a better product by not trying to push graphics, graphics on this game would be the equivalent of the new Toyota Supra with a Camry engine in it when for the same price you could tune a 86 to a whole new level for the same price.  Graphics dont make a game any more fun, graphics trick people into thinking it's great when in reality the game could have potato functionality and lefse for content (That's rolled potato baked on a cast iron skillet then add butter and sugar) on a game that the system can't handle.

Pull assets from the game and potato the heck out of it until mass world events work, because honestly, isn't this an mmorpg.  Keep the character textures, poly count and whatnot but please I and from what I've watch people complain about already, don't be wasteful, please be very decisive with all you add to this game. 

Please accept my apologies as I do not want to watch this fail due to misappropriation.  Once in a while you've got to be told where and how to step it up and I am subject to the same.

If your read this through and thoroughly,

I thank you.


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I can see some of these suggestions being helpful, would you mind making a short summary of all of this? Our team needs to translate it to Korean for the devs and with the multitude of posts it would take hours. Super basic general summary of all the posts would be awesome :)


CM Valtarra

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