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Delete Profile from my Xbox one account

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I would love to start from scratch but my Xbox keeps recognizing even after deleting all data that I have two characters created. I would like to know what to do to completely delete everything. I already attempted to reinstall game and clear all saved data. 

i was having issues with the game not allowing me to join a party because I had a monster quest scroll out but I was not on one. I was very excited to play this game but I have been having the worst experience with it. 

can someone help me?

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Your character profiles are not saved locally on your XBox. Deleting all data on your XBox will not delete your character profiles or your progression. It will delete only some game settings and not more.

Like in all MMORPGs, your character profiles and progression is saved on the servers and databases of Pearl Abyss. Therefore, you have to ask Pearl Abyss with a support ticket about it. But I'm not sure if they will delete such things for you. I know from other MMORPGs, that you have mostly to wait some month before everything will be deleted completely.

The easiest thing would be, if you ask PA with a support ticket about your general problem with the monster scroll rather than asking for a deletion of your characters.

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