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Legendary Pack Bug

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I know I've posted about this before, but I am going to keep making noise about this until it gets resolved. People are out money here.

There is a bug that has affected some of us on PS4 after purchasing the Legendary Items pack. Our accounts get charged, but the item never gets delivered to our in-game mail. When visiting the Pearl Shop or refreshing the mail, a "failed to update the payment info" message appears. This prevents us from not only retrieving our purchase, but from ever making future purchases of Pearls. Not to mention my 20% off coupon will probably expire, because I have been experiencing this for the last FIVE DAYS.

My support ticket is stuck on 'pending' and I'm getting no communication or resolution. I've met players on Reddit, the forum, and world chat who are having this exact same issue. There is something wrong, we have all made $50+ purchases that have never been delivered, and this should be a priority to fix - not to mention acknowledge via official communications - that there is a problem affecting several players.

If anyone sees that this and is thinking about buying the Legendary Items pack DON'T BUY IT. You risk bricking your shop. 

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