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Balance in income slighty off

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@CM_Valtarra Greetings!

I wanted to take some time gathering data and write down my impression after 2 weeks+

1. Build

- 5 luck
- Master 1-5 gathering (update: now Master 10)
- Hedgehog T4
- Blessing
- Fig Pie
- Magic Tools only
- Energy over 350 (update: now 367)
- CP over 310

2. Issues (without manos in game) and Solutions (-->)

Logs - you can get 1-2 logs per proc. This is the lowest rate of resource compared to all other (stone, hides, blood...) and sits at 7550 silver per log.
--> The rate should be adjusted to 1-3 logs or the price per log increased to 10k+.

Stone - you can get 1-3 (correct me if im wrong) stones per proc. This seems to be balanced, but still on the lower end. Looking at the price of Rough Stone, it sits at 3770 with 49.455 pre orders...
--> As you can see, people are not selling that many rough stones. I would suggest increasing the price to at least 7k silver.

Fairy Powder from gathering - is a great trash drop we got. I really enjoy this change as a gatherer, however the proc rate feels quite low, even at master 5 gathering.
--> If possible, i would suggest increasing the drop rate by 2x at least. We do not have manos in game yet and gathering is heavily lacking behind in silver per hour, if there are no pre orders of 7-9k goods on the market. (Logs excluded, as 1-2 procs reduce the income heavily compared to 1-5 hide drops)

Guild life quests need more variety! We have stones, logs, some fish. Would be interesting to get saps and hides or even capture wild horses or cook 5000 of something.

3. Conclusion

- incease drop rate of logs to 1-3 or 1-4 or price to 10k+ per log
- increase price of rough stone to 7k at least
- increase fairy powder from gathering drop rate by 100% = times 2 or more
- put in more life guild quests to reach all different branches

With imperial trading and gathering and selling all shards and powder and pre orders, being limited by energy and the drawback of buying energy potions to have a more fluid play time, i feel the income from grinding outpases the life skill profession by a good amount.

Im aware that the manos update will turn this around and that future updates will then again cover more trash value to help grinding as manos will be very strong otherwise.
However, i do feel like little changes can make all the difference for our current content. The fairy powder increase could solve the overall issue until we get manos. But i would heavily advise to do the maths before (i did not!). It may turn out that we need 3x or 4x the amount of powder to come close to a grinding income.

My suggestions reflect a broader update to stimulate the market and give more incentive to gatherers and life skillers in general. This could for example also include a reward for capturing wild horses in fairy powder, so that you at least get a certain amount of income not dictated by rng horse skills.

I do not know the eta for manos gear, but in the time from now to then i would appreciate some tuning of numbers (like what you did with milk).

Thank you for reading!

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On 12/7/2019 at 3:54 PM, Skywood said:

and the drawback of buying energy potions

Why do you need to buy energy pots? Don't you get 14 of them from ur alts every 8 days 8 hours? Do you do red  battlefield 200 energy daily do u do the calpheon energy dailies?

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4 hours ago, Vainamoinen said:

Why do you need to buy energy pots?

Disclaimer: yes, you could pump up the regen with a villa buff by +1 and do all dailies for energy. No, it would not solve the issue at hand.

You can gather around 15 resources per 60 seconds easily (no running), and keep this up as long as you have energy (resource respawns in time)
I lose between 2-5 energy for every 10 gathering actions. If we do an easy calculation here, let's use 15 resources gathered per 60 seconds.

Energy regen is at 3 energy every 3 min = 180 sec.
You gather 45 resources in 180 sec. and you will lose around 3 energy per 10 resources =  13.5 energy lost. Lets be generous and put it at 13 energy lost in 180 seconds. 

You will lose 13 energy + 3 from regen = 10 energy in 180 seconds or 1 energy in 18 seconds.

That brings your active play time with kamasylve buff at master 5 gathering to 108 minutes. before you run out of energy. @CM_Valtarra

My alt energy will never be able to keep that up. In fact you would need a regen of 13 energy per 3 minutes, to never run out of energy. Like grinders do. They can grind all day without energy investment and without buff and without having to buy magical tools to reduce gathering time (apart from level 5 gathering skill) and still get more silver / h compared to a gatherer.

Frankly, this is a terrible game design for life skillers. Luckily, we will get manos gear in time and become way more useful and get way more silver / h. But for now and until then, we really need to get some tuning of numbers here imo.

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From what I can tell people are not selling rough stones enough because it simply isn't worth it. Also I can't imagine running out of energy gathering I'm only pro gathering with no pots just blessing and 4 gathering and I got around 400 rough stones and 300 logs and my energy didn't drop below 100/224 but I also got a ton of other stuff to sell and the proc on processing makes it way more profitable to gather the stuff process it up then sell it.

To my knowledge gathering has never been a fast money life skill. So I don't see that changing anytime soon. 

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On 12/20/2019 at 2:32 AM, Omnibane said:

people are not selling rough stones enough

The market is suppressing stone's price. It won't increase at all. Same with logs. Its a system lock for now.

On 12/20/2019 at 2:32 AM, Omnibane said:

Also I can't imagine running out of energy gathering

Im at gathering master 10 now. The last %  i pushed and had to drink 6x50 energy potions at the end, as energy will still be consumed at a rate i described above. 

To get exp, you gather herbs non stop. There are certain spots designed for it, so you will stay in gathering mode every 3 sec.

Todays cash from memory:
 ~1000 energy used total
 5k meat gathered
~ 4k herbs of each sun and silver or 10-12 fruits of each
  3 sharp
 13 hard
 6 petals
 ~ 850 dust (between 700-1000) 800 (now less)
 + random stuff below 200 (hides, blood...)
 burned through ~ 8 magic tools
A whole day of gathering with energy potions and a resting phase

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I'm not doubting the time you put into it or the energy you use. Just for me after a few hours I got to stop and go do something else. 

But if I was going to burn through 1 k energy and 4 magic tools (250) durability. I would go to a feldspar heavy spot like the lead node south of calphion clear the 13-14 feldspar that are In a 10ft spot and loop through all servers since they come back fast enough to be back by the time you clear all 9 servers. 

Then with the 2000-2500 rough stones I still wouldn't sell them on the market it's way better money to process it to polished stones. Which would easily net 400+ polished stone. That's why I can't see anyone actually gathering rough stones specifically to sell them as is. 

Logs would be the same way but even better with artisan procs while processing it

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do you pop guild gathering quests while doing this as well? thats a good chunk of income you could be getting on top of materials as well as theres not as much a market for the gathering in the game yet most of the things like logs which always have a preorder and a capped value are that way for a reason players that dont want to gather buy them while others that prefer to life skill sell them on top of which are you doing any processing? 10 logs can end up being 3-4 usable scantling which are around 25k each so your 75k worth of logs just jumped to 100k as well as if you get a timber square. 


Most things that are created through crafting that have high value like the epheria sailboat arent in game yet and you need to remember just gathering isn't going to get you the most money process your materials craft some of the rarer items that have a demand for them. you double even triple raw material value most times by crafting the item outright yourself you also have to make good use of workers and node management. again just gathering will hardly get you anything.


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