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Signal Seven

[NA] XB1 <PANIC> Recruiting for Siege/NW

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<Panic> NA XB1 is recruiting 500+ Witchards | 520+ All others.

<Panic> Is a Top 3 NA end game Siege war guild that is focused on weekly PVP content in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. 

We want active members that will be a good fit for our community. 

Requirements and expectations other than gear score:

- Full submission of application to guild

-Discord server for communication

- Minimum 3 Siege attendance per month (1 excused absence monthly)

- List of materials to bring for Siege (available upon application being submitted) 

- Maintaining your GS to not drop below minimum requirements

We Have:

•Trees Groups

•NSFW for the Edgy

•A family-like community

•Class Leads to help you progress your gear, skill points and end game knowledge

•Officer Lead Open Door Parties 

- Weekly Siege wars and Node wars during the week (when we dont own a territory)

- Top players in the game in their class


How to Join:

Please add SignalSeven#8667 on discord, send me a message and we will get you started in the process of joining our family. 


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