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PS4 [EU] [PVX] Guild G A I J I N Recruiting

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Hi Welcome

《G A I J I N 》

We are a Pvx guild looking for more members wanting to join a family guild and progress in Pve/lifeskill/pvp .

If you're a small/medium guild looking 
into something great swing me a DM and we can discuss terms.

《What we have to offer》

🔶️A good vibe where you will feel and are important in the guild instead of being a number.
🔶️Highly experienced leadership in nw’s and general.
🔶️All guild buffs/skills mastered.
🔶️Daily guild missions.
🔶️Once a week a big guild training, practicing pushes and strats.
🔶️Fully setup discord.
🔶️For most of the class a highly skilled class trainer.
🔶️24/7 psn party chats 
🔶️ There is always a grind group .
🔶️ We do plvling .
🔶️ Trainer for lifeskilling .

《What we're looking for》

🔶️Must be active 
🔶️Participate in NodeWars when able to, atleast once a week! 
🔶️450+ gs 
🔶️winning mentality
🔶️check discord atleast once a day

《If ur looking for family guild then gaijin is the place to be
Real life is nr1 and we respect that 》

If you're after any more information, feel free to contact whit 

《Ingame name》


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13 hours ago, KnightStrike said:

Hey my  Gamer tag is Knightstrike I  Was hoping to join your Guild.

When you are online ask for a officer from gaijin 

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