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Screen clutter + overfilled

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I want to highlight this issue again, as i think it would increase overall quality of life for players:

The screen is overfilled with information we do not need at all times
- quest information blocking the right hand side of the screen
- system notifications (zone change...) popping up
- some pets blocking screen view or produce steady noise from animations
- buffs and their cooldowns (guild buffs for hours) in the middle of the screen
- system notifications in chat exploding the chat window frame
- when other players are not filtered out in large scale fights, their animations have to be removed. Most of them blast the screen with effects.

I would suggest the following options asap = short term solutions:

  • allow pets to be turned invisible in sound and animation
  • allow manual scaling of all screen windows OR allow a 50% reduced scaling as an option OR allow the quest text window to be toggled on/off
  • allow zone information (entered combat zone, entered safe zone) to be toggled on/off
  • allow photo mode to stay on during any action


Additionally, i would love a new photo mode being introduced as an overall solution.

This new mode would turn the photo mode on until you toggle it off (currently, this is automatically done by using any combat action) 


Photo mode screen = completely empty
no pets
no quest list, no pop ups, ...
with very few optional "windows"/icons being allowed (which should be scaled down or made transparent)
--> HP bar 
--> loot window (can contain quest counter, like 3/10 killed ...)
--> smaller map (minimal orientation, could be made transparent)
--> Exp % and buff duration

Game looks great, why overfilling your view with clutter information?
Personally, i also feel heavily annoyed by pet sounds (penguin sliding) or pets obstructing my view (dragons, large birds...). Same goes for buff cooldowns, quest texts and so on.


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