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My suggestion is simple. 

Give graphics quality control options to the players. At least for the general environment and towns. 

To be honest the meshing and texturing is bad if you look closely at 95% of the game anyway. It's only beautiful from a distance. 

This will drastically improve load times and cut down on lag and crashing.

Most players will choose performance and stability over graphics and resolution.

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Thank you for giving us feedback on the issue. We are aware of the current optimization issues and we are hard at work to clear them up, thank you for your patience while we work to fix the issue. I will be forwarding your feedback to the devs to help assist in fixing it. 


CM Valtarra


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On 02/01/2020 at 10:21, Omnibane said:

Minha sugestão é simples. 

Dê opções de controle de qualidade gráfica aos jogadores. Pelo menos para o ambiente geral e cidades. 

Para ser honesto, as malhas e texturas são ruins se você olhar de perto para 95% do jogo. É bonito à distância. 

Isso melhorará drasticamente os tempos de carregamento e reduzirá o atraso e a falha.

A maioria dos jogadores escolherá desempenho e estabilidade sobre gráficos e resolução.

I agree!

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Seit dem letzten Patch ist die Grafik eine Katastrophe.

Alles wirkt unscharf und matschig, auch in Kämpfen sind nur noch verwaschene Konturen zu erkennen.

Durch die neuen Wettereffekte wird es nur noch schlimmer

Die Möglichkeit die Grafik in den Optionen selbst einzustellen wäre sehr sehr wünschenswert.

Zur Zeit ist so fast unspielbar!




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