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Guild war declaration.

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I'd like to suggest a change to the way guild war declaration is run.

For the reasons below.

1) guilds abusing the war dec to cause uncomfortable and disruption to casual and chill guilds by declaring war just to beat on the without penalty.

2) small guilds doing the same thing but having so few members that targeted players or guilds can't dec back.

3) guilds being forced to fight or defend themselves from abusing guilds who hunt small guilds.



1) war declaration can only be activated by guilds who accept the declaration in return.

2) war declaration costing alot more guild funds to use.

3) guild war declaration only lasting a set amount of time and or not being able to declare war against the same guild more than once within a set period of time. I.e. 24h.

4) more options like the PROTECTION option. Such as the ability to turn off or decline war declaration. 

5) on creating of a guild the option to chose the type of guild you are creating. Such as PvP, PvE, life skill, roll play, casual. 

After creating of a guild not being able to change its primary function. I.e. PvE guild can not do node wars or declare war.


Thanks you for taking the time to read this suggestion.

Happy 2020.

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I support this suggestion my guild has been declared by a guild for 3 weeks now they have not withdrawn the declaration since the start all just to grief our lower geared players.

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