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Removal of green gear from npcs

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I understand that you may think that removing the gear from the npcs will stimulate the market but I feel as though it's gonna be a big waste of time.


All the armors are already cheaper on market than what you could get from an NPC save for if you do the Amity game constantly which I highly doubt many players do. 


As for certain sets not selling it's just flat out cause the stats aren't as good as others your gonna be hard pressed to find anyone rolling anything other than grunil or heve till they get boss gear. No one that I know of buys any gear from an NPC unless they're desperate and need it right then. 


Just feel as though resources would bet better spent optimizing gameplay and not wasted on nonfactor elements of the game and the like.


I'd rather have better gameplay settings that allow me to turn down the graphics/textures than changing the UI again or altar of blood something that is at least useful to the majority of players and not ten percent of the playerbase 


If you want certain items to become more relevant you should look at why players don't use Fortuna's luck or Hercules gear or tali's or whatever the set bonuses just aren't as good plain and simple.

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Heve are bought in mass as they are great for failstacks and if it pops it sells so you never really lose but now everyone back to reblath lol

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