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Rework of the new UI

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Since the last update, we have the new UI on console and PA gave us a worse user experience with it. I have heard this opinion from many players ingame in world and server chat, Reddit, Discord and here in the forum.

Since we all need the UI for most of our playing time and have a bad user experience at the moment, the changes will have a very high priority for me and adjustements must be done in short term.

Some problems suggestion from my side:

  • The font size is on a 4K TV too small and difficult to read. Make the font size bigger or adjustable.
  • On a 4K, it is very difficult to see which menu item you have selected due to the narrow line. Make selected items more visible.
  • To accept follow-up quests you have to select and click several times. Make follow-up quests directly acceptable like before.
  • The new inventory windows is too compact and therefore confusing. Make the icons bigger and the arrangement like before.
  • It seems, all ship transfers has been removed (see for e.g. Altinova to Velia). Make ship transfers available again.
  • In general, UI controls has become more complex with the controller. Make it simpler and intuitive like before.

In general, we have now a more clean and complex UI with a lot of unnessary steps elsewere, which results in a less fluid and bad user experience. It seems, the UI was also primary created for mouse and keyboard navigation. It also seems, the new UI was created for a normal Full HD resolution (1920x1080). On a 4K TV, most of the UI elemets are too small or hardly readable.

If anyone has also suggestion on how to improve the new and worse UI, please don't hestitate to add your suggestions here.

@CM_Valtarra Can you please submit our feedback and suggestions to the developers since this is an urgent topic for us players.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I can see you put a lot of thought into this. I will send this off to the devs today :)


CM Valtarra


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Posted (edited)

I can agree with much of the above , yet would like to further expound :


-Reduce the number of static NPC's in the areas around towns etc by 2/3s , and increase the pathing of the remaining NPC's to keep the towns looking dynamic and populated.

     ex: having the same NPC pounding a nail for the past 6 years by the Velia Storage is a little odd. For an example of NPC's done right, use Red Dead redemption 2 as a benchmark.

-Reduce the redundancy and amount of Npc's in the pathing from Trent to Calpheon ; it's excessive.

-Slow the animations of the NPC's by 50%-100% , they look like they have flees or are very twitchy. Humans move more slow and naturally.

-Slow idle Animation for horses and pets (see above).

-Slow idle animation for Player characters (see above).

-Remove the option for useless chat/interaction with NPC's that have no real function. This is especially irritating for  NPC's constantly standing by the shop/services/quest NPC's


-Option Remove Rendering of all mounts/ships/wagons not in use by a party or guild member if parked. Similar to the change that was done with Campsites & Farms/Gardens. 

-Remove the "Y when mounted says ""COME ON"" " instead of dismounting. I have no idea why this is even a thing.

-Add an option to the NPC interaction menu while mounted to Dismount . Many times you get stuck in a wagon and can't get off because your dismount button just keeps talking to an NPC. (usually a useless NPC that has no real need to be interacted with in the first place).


-Options to remove {on/off} all gui elements, and I do mean ALL. Many players like to customize the "widgets" in use , and many players use far less than you might imagine.

-Add ALL, and I do mean ALL, menu options to the "main menu" blocks. Nest the menu options for things like User agreement and and Information policy etc. Nest the Pvp menu etc. to reduce the need for ring menu ONLY access for things like fairy and mount information [which is quite frustrating]. Add an option setting for Hiding any/all main menu buttons you don't need.

-Add the classic color main menu option (as on pc), I realize monochrome menus are the style these days; but they are harder to sort through, humans see in color for a reason.

-There is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR too much wasted space in the marketplace WALLET  GUI menu, the icons are FAR FAR FAR FAR  too small when playing on a console and a TV across the room. This needs a complete overhaul by a technician very familiar with console environments.


-Reduce the number of non main quest mobs in the areas surrounding Velia, Ovlia , and Western guard camp. This is just unneeded lag bait.  There is no reason for 100 beetles and weasels to be clogging xbox's limited processing power.


-Remove the clunky "radial style" menu that has to be "Y"'d through for interactions and replace with a D-Pad navigable nested menu (as is standard for ANY console game).

-Add Central market to every "town" (Olvia, Port Epheria, Florin , Glish, Keplan, Trent, Tarif, Kusha, Shataku, etc etc) to help people spread out their home base of operations which will reduce overall lag in larger cities, and also give players a reason to populate the smaller towns.

Thank you for all you guys do , and all your hard work, we really appreciate your efforts to port this great game to a console which is much more comfortable to play. Please continue your efforts to make a good translation from a PC environment to a console one.

Great job guys!

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