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A gift for the husband

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Martina Finto, from the Finto farm next to Velia, in the second part of the quest asks me to give parasite bee honey to her husband David Finto. I don't have it and the navigation of the quest keep pointing at Martina. I was supposed to scavenge this honey back in the first part, what happened? David and Martina are giving me any dialogue options and restarting the game doesn't help. It is part two so I can't cancel the quest, what should I do? 

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The honey is a quest drop item and does not physically take up space in your inventory. Kill the parasitic bees and the honey should drop, if I'm reading your problem right. Also reselecting the quest from the quest menu will update your navigation for quests other than Black Spirit quest because they are the main quests for BDO and will update automatically. Every other quests are considered side quests/miscellaneous quests and navigation will not update automatically. 

Now if I read your problem wrong and it is not updating after selecting the quest from the quest tab or killing the parasitic bees again then I'd suggest you follow @CM_Valtarra suggestion.

Sorry it took me a while to respond but I had to make a new character to test this quest out my self and no problems have occurred. If the problem still occurs I'd try changing server channels and see if that helps. Also what server channel did this happen to you on so I can try another character on that server channel. If your main server is EU then I can't help since I'm on the NA servers. Also I did this quest on the Serendia-1 server channel with no problems at all.

Hope you got the issue resolved.

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