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Error 008/800C0008

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Have just come across this error code at login. It started during game but would let me ok it and keep playing. It would allow me to switch characters and ok the error to keep playing. 
I switched the game off and restarted to refresh and now it will not allow me to login, giving the same code titled. Is there any fix known for this?



Update: uninstall and reinstall has sorted the problem if anyone else has the same problems.

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Thank you for giving us feedback on the issue. I will be forwarding your feedback to the devs to help assist in fixing it. At this time I do not know of a hot fix for the situation, but if I hear of one, I will follow up with the info.


Please let me know if anything changes, positively or negatively.

CM Valtarra


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Not sure if the info helps but I had the same error code this morning after an all night grind on dummies afk. 
Again I was able to ok the error and keep playing for 3 more hours until the game crashed. 
I restarted the game and it told me to update, which I started but it finished at around 20%. 
I then retried to log in and game was ok again. I did not have to reinstall this time. 

Hope the info helps to correct the problem.

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