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Wizard/Witch Ground based AoE graphics

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The PS4 is too slow to actually render the graphics in PvP against wizard witches ground based AoE, putting the person on the recieving end a huge disadvantage because the attacked player continues to get AoE by spells they can't see.

Please incorporate a red area on the ground in PVP for wizard witch AoE, if a pretty flame or venom or lightning graphic is too fast to load.  This will allow players to avoid ground based AoE like it done on the PC version.

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On 2/11/2020 at 7:14 PM, CM_Valtarra said:

Have you been noticing a difference since the last patch?

CM Valtarra

I will check once I can get over this cold, and get on RBF.  I did RBF on last friday night (I guess that was after the patch), I was still unable to immediately join combat, I had to wait about 20 seconds to allow buffering to occur within clip plane

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