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Red Battlefield needs a major overhaul

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RBF is just too frustrating to play.bottle necked in to spawns where the enemy team spawn camps you as you fall out of the sky unable to attack.Only one spawn location.a load screen after every death (instant death due to the mentioned mechanics).yes you can get god mode for 12 seconds but by the time you have talked to the NPC,walked to the shaft,dropped down,its practically ran out and has 3 seconds left when you hit the ground if you are lucky.then a full team insta kills you in the bottle knecked spawn thats the size of a toilet cubicle,then yougo back to the dreaded loading screen.

yes i have an SSD which still does not make the whole experience any better because either way,you die,load,die,load die.......

Is it too much to ask for multiple spawns per team? maybe not have to talk to an NPC for 12 seconds for god mode but have god mode apply AFTER you leave spawn not while you're still in it? why the loading screens at all in 2019 in a tiny arena mode.

RBF just isn't and enjoyable experience at all.please change it.

P.s people just run around in the spawn area above the enemy knowing they will die when they drop so they just keep moving so they don't get kicked for inactivity,all because the way RBF is badly designed.

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