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Community Week - EU

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Hi guys,


Just wanted to share my input on the "Community Week" event we had last week.

First of, big thanks to CM_Valtarra and CM_Liinxy (hope i spelled that right) and the others for operating the events on EU and being such good sports! :D 

I took part in a couple events - "hide and seek" and "Arsha challenge" in which i got absolutely rekt, cause well.. im a lifeskill casul kappa. I kinda missed the fishing one cause i was too busy... well, fishing >_>  lol

My favorite part in the entire week was the staff's interactions with the community. It wasn't cold hearted and calculated but actually very interactive, fun and welcoming. Seeing the staff actually react to some peoples jokes and edgy comment had me laughing more than i should've.

Of course not everything was perfect and i have the feeling that some people might have found it a lack-luster, boring or a waste of their time. but everyone is entitled to have a personal opinion and if you look at the big picture this week served its goal, and thats to bring the community closer together with itself and the staff via fun little events.

I'm sure there are some lessons to be learned for the next community even (if there ever be another) but overall i had a great time and i hope everyone else did too.




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