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PRO Buissness Pearl abyss decisions

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First of all.. Who is making decisions there? Who is approving updates etc.? The only thing that works perfectly is Pearl shop.

Bad game optimalization causes crashes, lags and unplayable moments (like pvp) and even ssd don't help. 


Best decision?... Put more items in Pearl shop.. Yeah, many People is leaving game because of crashes and lags.. Buying outfit on CM is getting harder and harder because People who is using money are going out of game cause of mentioned problems. 

You say that this year you Will release some content like Kamasylvia, New classes etc. That won't happen if you won't Focus on optimalization. So where is profit for you here? People leaving game? Unstable unplayable game? Keep adding Pearl shop content and in short Time noone Will use it even with loyalities... Really. 

So suggestion? 


You need hint? Make Afk fishing no longer than 1h.

Make skills effects less 'flashy' or add options settings that Player can change by himself. 

Got PS4 PRO +SSD+300Mb internet and it's still not enough. Your turn 

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I would have to agree with your general premise that Pearl Abyss is making what appears to be some very poor business decisions.  Decisions that are costing them customers.  A number of friends that used to play BDO have stopped, and others I know simply refuse to even try the game (Pearl Abyss is definitely gaining a bad reputation).  Key reasons usually cited:

  • Poor performance, clearly due to suboptimal software (i.ie. cannot be blamed on limitations of the hardware)
  • Customer support that is incompetent, and disrepectful to customers (ever filed a support ticket? don't bother).
  • Not fixing serious bugs, and in some cases even refusing to acknowledge bugs for extraordinary amounts of time (for example, the Ring Menu reset problem which has been in the game since it launched and yet is still present).
  • Not fixing a broken PVP model that doesn't allow the average player to play in peace without being tyrannized by sociopaths ... people aren't going to pay or play a game when it ceases to be fun!
  • Focusing on lower priority things, such as new content, or a terribly done rework of the UI, instead of critical issues like the above.  We all love new content ... but it needs to actually work!

I like the game.  I have played it a lot.  Still am.  But I will admit that if a competitor comes along that can do even marginally bettter in the above regards ... i'll be gone.  As will be most of the other players I know (the ones that haven't already given up in frustration).

Pearl Shop?  Most of the people I've talked to, including some of who are notorious for spending a lot in games, have flat out told me that they aren't going to put any (more) money into this game because of these issues.

I spend a lot of time in voice parties with friends and guildmates, and yes, the issues mentioned above really and truly do tend to be frequent topics of discussion, and, assuming these people are representative of the general player base, then yes, BDO is losing both revenue and customers over these matters. 


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If you don't want to PvP, stay out of Arsha, stay off of the southern desert, stick to the northern desert nobody is up there.

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4 hours ago, ludiusvox said:

If you don't want to PvP, stay out of Arsha, stay off of the southern desert, stick to the northern desert nobody is up there.

I say PvP got problems, 

I don't have problem with PvP :P

On BF there are plenty of lags, 1/5 bosses Like Kzarka, Muraka, Karanda etc. Crashes game (bluescreen) 

We bought game So we want product that works. 

For example :

If you buy a New car you want to drive it. 

After you pay, you See that it doesnt work how it should. What do you do then? 'don't use lights because it causes problems'? Propably Just wanna take your money back and buy other one. Thats not a solution. 

Solution is knowlage about what they gonna do. If they gonna repair, ok I will wait A LITTLE BIT. 

But if they are not gonna do anything better to know and not to loose Time anymore. 

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