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  2. Still looking for exceptional players apply at www.arshabdx.com
  3. DK or Wizzard ? Pros and Cons of each one of these classes ? I am trying to decide wich one to go... I like to oneshot people... Please dont tell me the one I like the most, cause I dont have a clue AND I would play both with no issues, already decided the ones NOT to play... Another question: Do wizzards are so slowly as people say ? Cant I increase the cast speed ? Would it be worthy to invest everything on cast speed in this class ?
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  5. Vim

    Preparing for awakening

    Im broke af sitting on all duo with tri wep, i for one am looking forward for awakening. Gear will come with time. I'v been on a break for a few weeks, sure it would be nice to have loads of money and top end gear but really what's the rush. Eventually the market will be stocked enough to buy everything you need. If you don't have the money now then rip, just grind for it.
  6. Legendary

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    true tbf the only way to make money is to grind and that is boring and nothing really sells the markets well slow would be better if it was NA + EU markets combined
  7. Roots

    Pearl shop prices are a scam

    I hate to be the bearer of boring news, but this isn't gonna go anywhere good. Everything you can think of has been tried to curb the pearl shop, and nothing has worked because 1) PA doesn't care much about negative press on the matter, and 2) their prices are already well tuned for maximum sales. LT packs might seem expensive but the guy grinding next to you has already maxed his weight out weeks ago. Also it's not like their formula isn't working : they're pulling in billions, and aren't gonna slow down because some forum dwellers like myself think it's annoying or unethical. Also, as a protip - if you want to quickly and efficiently make one half of your guild hate the other half, start a p2w debate. For every player that's against the structure of the pearl shop, there's some (apologist fanboi) who's completely fine with it. It's basically the bdo equivalent of politics and religion. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone is pretty sure the ppl who disagree with them are morons. My views on this are clear, but I've also more or less given up on having the debate - it just won't go anywhere constructive, so we either quit the game or accept it as the status quo IMHO.
  8. We currently have 6 spots up for sale! 10,000 pearls each
  9. Natural Iodine

    Striker vs Berserker- evenly matched

    Won't need a buff after Awakening but don't worry he's in a pretty good place.
  10. Roots

    Ticket and Support reassurance?

    As compared to Kakao on PC, I think we have much better CM's here on xbox. The quality and frequency of communication are both superior to what we got on PC, despite the complaints. Unfort I can't say the same for the quality of support , and do agree with two things mentioned here - namely that support ticket responses feel very rushed / poorly read / poorly understood, and that they are insta-closed by the support rep, which isn't great. I haven't opened very many, and really truly hope I never have to open one to address something serious like account access issues, because I don't have a ton of confidence it will be handled quickly or efficiently. Support on PC did seem more experienced both with the game itself and customer support in general.
  11. Atreuss

    Central marketplace bug?

    I keep getting maximum capacity exceeded from the marketplace even though it has tons of open slots. Tried pulling some items out, but won't let me put anything in to list for sale. Tried relogging but it's not helping. Can't sell my stuff. Edit: Lol nvm. Didn't realize numbers in a stack counted as item count. That is really dumb as 5k items is really small amount your making foods and potions.
  12. Atreuss

    Central marketplace bug?

    I keep getting maximum capacity exceeded from the marketplace even though it has tons of open slots. Tried pulling some items out, but won't let me put anything into the storage so I can list to sell. Tried relogging but it's not helping. Can't sell my stuff. );
  13. Uberkull

    Ticket and Support reassurance?

    The issue I have with the Ticket system, in my experience for one issue I have reported, is that the support representative answers and closes the ticket. That’s not the right way to do it. Once you close the ticket, we have to open another ticket to reply or further discuss the same issue. That causes many more tickets than necessary in the system, The support representative should answer and leave the ticket open, giving the customer a chance to reply of acknowledge the ticket is resolved. Once marked resolved, the support rep can close it. If the customer doesn’t answer in say...5 days...the ticket automatically closes. Seems like there is a inexperienced or limited support staff for the Xbox platform if you go and compare the PC support threads
  14. Pratorean

    Random Disconnects

    Last few day i get random disconnects with error message below. sometimes 3-4 within an hour
  15. Dr INF3NRO

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    Has nothing to do with PvP tho. Why cant I lifeskill and wreck other guilds gunning for my territory? Tbf I really enjoy the PvP but I want more lifeskill content which in turn will allow me to get the silver to sustain my gear.
  16. Hardcore

    Wear and tear on XB1

    I was under the impression that workers stop when you log off, as such, AFKers get much much more done. My XB1 OG has been on nearly constantly since launch (despite declaring nobody would ever leave their xbox on for 200000 hours this isnt PC, lol, I know, I was wrong there). Texture loads are getting longer and longer and now spilling over to other games. I think my vid card is going out. (EDIT: as in beginning to overheat, texture crapping out is usually the first symptom I've noticed before repasting GPUs in my PCs over the years. If weird-ass geometric shapes and lines begin to appear...RIP)
  17. Legendary

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    hardcore PvP guild player moaning about life skillage makes sense
  18. Hardcore

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    Sell some mats or cook foods to stack and hoard the dishes? I'm outta the loop other than I've gotten the gist to hold onto the byproduct dishes until a later date. Seems most of the week Im chilling watching Netflix with my wife as I grind corn to sell. You can too!
  19. Binky

    Specialties node management

    Ok that's what I was curious about I have rank 1 housing in heidel not anywhere else so I'll have to make a rank1 house on an actual node for the specialties thanks thanks! i never knew closest I've been to rank1 on pc was rank 10 so I got happy when I realized. Hey I can easily get a rank 1 house on Xbox lol
  20. Dr INF3NRO

    BootyyBanditz VS BootieBandits ?

    By far the best editing ive seen for a long time. Actually entertaining lol keep it coming
  21. I've sent tickets, I do get replies eventually. I've noticed, however, that the replies are given in such a way that support do Not read tickets properly. Recently, giant manes have been glitching and replenishing their own health bars. Support clearly thought I was talking about my own health bar while also requesting MORE video evidence. I want some assurance that someone can go around their office with a cattleprod and wake them up a bit. Please, until recently I thought EU support excellent. But with what I'm reading elsewhere together with my own experience, what's happening over there? Note to moderators: please don't throw this into the bug reporting area, I actually want to see some discussion about our support services, please? Perhaps you could tell us how they're doing and what's going on behind the scenes at all?
  22. Dr INF3NRO

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    So im stocking on mats but got 2m in the CM wallet. RIP me. Tbh I just wanna chill and do semi afk cooking/alchemy while watching Netflix with my wife.. c'mon PA I got a rather big binge list to accomplish!
  23. I, Primus, run a small guild and we're slowly getting bigger. We run bosses and/or guild missions a lot, so leveling up your character with us is a piece of fish. PvE means Player versus Enemy, Computer generated non-player-characters ("NPC") which we attack for quest completion. PvP means Player versus Player. This is the art of battle between two actual human beings rather than NPC enemies. We're PvE only. We do not have any interest in PvP. As a rule, PvP is for party defense only. We don't want complaints or drama resulting from our guild killing people unfairly. We will defend ourselves and we have made alliances, however. We are also being used, happily, as a training guild. Some PvP guilds want their friends, as a personal choice, to get good with boss fights, and other aspects of the game before getting good at PvP with their own guild with references from us. That's fine. This strengthens our presence and ensures a place for all in the game. If you join, you would get paid daily wages in addition to your loot. Also, you'd enjoy passive boosts to AP, accuracy, health and more every day that you're with us. We don't keep lazy moochers though. Do your bit with guild missions whenever you can, this makes sure everyone gets a wage and extra boosts when available. A Microphone headset would be essential for working with us; we need to be able to communicate efficiently during heavy action. Tactics, heals and location requests are frequent and take too long to type, Xbox Party voice ("vox") is much faster and social. Don't worry if you're shy, we just need to know that you're listening and acting as part of the team. We also have a Facebook page and group to help facilitate communication between larger membership later on, and a few of our members are using it as a great photo album too. It's brought the guild closer as a team and friends already. We have formed a daily group of friends and we always welcome more. If this sounds like the guild for you, post below and either me or my guild officers will get something sorted. Thank you for considering us. - Primus
  24. What happens when two guilds share the same name...
  25. FaythsRequiem

    Wild Horses

    Personally, I'm waiting for them to put coursers into the Xbox version. Yeah, it'll be great to be able to catch something higher than a T3 in the wild (okay, it'll be pretty awesome, actually), but I've got a lvl 30 T4 male and a lvl 25 T4 female, both with charge and drift that I'm really looking forward to changing into courser mounts and breeding in the hopes of getting a T6 courser (though I know I'm just as likely to get another T4 outta it lol). But still, you need coursers to be able to eventually get a Dream horse......
  26. Atreuss

    Do the quest to lvl 50 alert.

    Yeah I posted about this awhile back. It is driving me nuts and there is no reason why they can't deactivate this notice. I mean surely they don't think we are that ignorant to not know we need to take the quest to advance? Sure flash it for first time running through the quest line, but atleast give us an option to disable it too. Should be in the notifications settings. It can't be that difficult to include it.
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