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  2. I'm wondering what will happen in regards with specifically Kuno names. Will they go by console release for them, or by relativity to terms of time from specific console release for the class?
  3. That's exactly why I'm wondering this. I'd like a CM to confirm.
  4. That's what makes more sense , if not well you'll both get the name exchange coupon and you better camp the name.
  5. So you know for sure they going to narrow it down to the exact minute? The exact second? I've only seen full days mentioned. I assume nothing with this company
  6. Name Change Question: If two people have the same name, and both created it the day of release on their repective system, who will get the name? Will it go down to who created it first by the minute, or will one console automatically win out over the other? Example: On March 4 an Xbox user created a toon named Sally. On August 22 a Playstation user created a toon named Sally. Both were created on the respective console's release date. Who gets the name?
  7. Koolay0

    Photo Mode

    Hey, i just thought it would be pretty neat if we were able to keep photo mode on while in combat. I am pretty sure there are players out there that would enjoy an unobstructed view of their character and skills effects as they are mindlessly grinding. even if they are lifeskilling. It would make for some great screenshots that's for sure! The idea came to mind when i was trying to take a picture of my character and then started to look at my surroundings. like stupid stuff such as the grass,sky,ocean,river and even enemies. i dont know why but not having EVERYTHING DISPLAYED such as the map,quests,server chat,health,buff icons just all this info i don't want to see just felt so refreshing and i was looking at the world of BDO in a way that made me appreciate how amazing it looked. I tried fighting enemies in photo mode that way but alas Photo mode turns off once you jump or attempt combat and i believe when u take damage as well. I dont know if its possible to use this idea while also keeping ring menus invisible as well or only show the ring menu when u press the corresponding button(s) for it such as L2 + Up Thanks for taking your time reading this and hope you use this idea in some shape or form. im sure you guys can take this idea and make it even better somehow but that's all i got for now. Just in case people dont understand what i want, here are some videos of how i want the combat to look like (i even want it applied to lifeskillin activities lol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23c99zKlgsw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiPMtiozB9s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvCT4hWyFnY Hopefully you understand the idea and vision i have and want to see applied! TL:DR I WANT TO FIGHT WITH NO HUD! THANK YOU!
  8. Thank you PA for finding a reasonable and fair solution. I want to especially thank the CMs for making this a top priority. The CMs heard the community and stressed our concerns. My faith in the CMs and PA have been restored.
  9. Howdy, Everyone! I though we could give this a try, instead of flat out bombarding our streaming services. Next week for the 4th of March, the Pearl Abyss team will be having a stream to cover details on the patch and cross play. I request that this thread should be closed a day prior to the stream. Let us try to put some good, honest and moral questions in here. This is to form a simple feed back system for them and us. See y’all in the Rodeo! -Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  10. Almost hate being right, but this solution was the only common sense option we had with a split release. The downside is playstation may have an advantage in shai names if it was closer to their release, etc.
  11. I have done that 5 times and done the mission but can’t hand it in at all saying time limit run out all the time and I have that on the life skill just get hand in the mission plz fix this issue that’s being goin on from last year still not fix
  12. No I understand your question is actually interesting . Unless they remove that feature it'll be easy to find other console players.
  13. I'm not scared it's just Pearl Abyss announced everything and explained things to the right time but that Information is missing so I'm wondering why.
  14. If you're scared stay in ps4 servers But you're right theyll find out that way. Never thought of it but I'll do that now lol.
  15. It's a step in the right direction, not a perfect solution.
  16. Holy fudge they actually did it fair. Ty for changing it. Dam bro, this just made me stay. Thank you to the Devs and CMS for doing this, u just made this person happy. 😀
  17. You would need to abort/drop the quest and you can get the quest from her again. Make sure you have life skill quests checked in profile.
  18. @CM_Valtarra I have a quick question, you said ( @CM Trent ) that you don't want to let the player's know that they are from a different platform, but how should that work? Actually on PS4 you can by open the Chat, view the Player's PSN profile (Chat>L2+Square on Player's Message). Will that function on Crossplay Server's be disabled or will it still works? If that the case, players will know at that point they can't view the Profile that the person is from a different Platform. It would be nice if you can awnser that small request and bring some light about this if you can, because I saw no one talking about that. Best regards
  19. Sounds for me fair. First come, first serve. I play Black Desert since the Beta and Early Access on the XBox and since the time of the creation of the names are important, my family and guild name will definitely stay. For character names, it can be differently. I have created 6 of my 17 chars after the PS4 release.
  20. Updated the thread. A solution has been offered by PA which seems to give everyone an equal right for their name. Cheers guy
  21. Hello everyone Murderburger_ here 😎, just wanted to say hello to all new and veteran console bdo. I have official come back to Console BDO about 3-4 days ago and will remain here for the long haul, if anyone has any questions or wants to hang around and goof off you can find me at https://www.twitch.tv/murderburger_ I use to be a BDO partner but stepped down a month ago due to performance issues and some other reasons... but in the recent 30 days since stepping down BDO has been putting forth some effort into fixing these issues along with my community strong arming me to come back 🥺 hep plz. I am glad to be back! PS5, and the new Xbox coming out this year should make exciting changes to graphics/performance of BDO for all of us console players, along with Cross-play can't wait to meet some new people! 🤖
  22. Name Change fix on Crossplay! <-- Click, This is a huge step for Pearl Abyss.... it is nice to see them looking out for the community here and accepting something reasonable for the community! I take back my last statement this is huge. Please Pearl Abyss keep going in this direction with your players. 🤗
  23. In playing this game everyday for over a year I have built up friendships, rivalries, a reputation on my character under my name(s). Taking that away is more that just disappointing to me. It's against the entirety of what a Role Playing Game is about. The vast majority of people do not adopt a different persona. Instead they make themselves in the game and a name is a functioning tether to the rest of the experience. For the players as a whole please take some time and figure out a solution that does not punish those who have been the most dedicated to the game. Those who made sure we were in as early as possible and have never left. If/when you see this PearlAbyss, Thank you for listening to us and taking the time to get more feedback. The consistency you show in communication will mean more than any decision in the whole Cross-play update. -Fin
  24. Changing the family name is much more worse. If I would loose my family name, I would leave the game finally.
  25. That is unfortunate. Your 2 week old character would lose out to some one who committed earlier in the game cycle then you. But it was only a very fair solution due to gap in release dates. So you are safe for now
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