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  2. Family Name: Mrs Region: NA Link: Twitter https://twitter.com/misstrukilla/status/1185033099861811200?s=21
  3. We are still actively recruiting! Drop a message if you would like more information 😁
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  5. seventh circle is a new Guild looking for PVE life skill players that might be interested in doing pvx in the future with required numbers to do so efficiently gamertag for GM is GoD HOMICIDE 7 on Bal 3 pm me for info
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  7. Oops for getting more than nothing.
  8. Hi The imperial trading is not available? Or the imperial cuisine?
  9. Here is my tamer looking very small next to spook. I think he just wants a hug! Region - EU (UK) Family name - WolffBlood Link -
  10. Oh there's people with pens not full pen ofc but still
  11. Additional events that 𝐏𝐒𝟒 players can partake in are completing a pumpkin event quest for a special reward, submit a screenshot with Spook for a chance at a PlayStation Gift Card, and attack Pearl Abyss GM’s for their Golden Bells! ow.ly/w9Pz50wN8db
  12. Aww. I'm glad you are enjoying it! My console is always on as well hehe melting iron ore as I type this lol I'll keep you updated if I get any other info for ya! CM Valtarra
  13. I haven't seen anyone else with a pen except mrp2w
  14. I'll put it in our suggestion section of our daily report. CM Valtarra
  15. Hi @AlreadyDead , I am submitting your feedback today that we have items listed that are not yet in game. Thanks for reaching out, CM Valtarra
  16. So, just to confirm, you have your fairy currently? Or are you still experiencing the issue? CM Valtarra
  17. But when you are a CM and you are wrong about your own game, you are just pathetic. That's a dumb assumption. And you people why CMs don't reply to your whining. CMs are people and can make mistakes. They could be from or work other platforms so much that they mix things up. Some CMs could just be new. Their job isn't to be 100% knowledgable about all things BDO all the time. BiS is not a term for a class. The devs are not holding back striker or any other class because you think witch and wizard are too good.
  18. In the last few streams there have been a lot of people mentioning they would like chrons to be removed from the event boxes and we have been noting this feedback for the devs. Thank you for reaching out with your feedback as well ❤️ CM Valtarra
  19. Thank you for the feedback. I will look into it. CM Valtarra
  20. Correction. The most notable person to have done so is MrPay. Many people buy costumes and melt them for crons to enhance their gear. Many more buy costumes and sell them for silver. Both are forms of p2w.
  21. Small guild of casual players who are looking to expand into node wars. Leadership is made up of former GL's of succesful raiding guilds in past mmo's. In our old age (kids, work, and significant others) however we've discovered that "ain't nobody got time for dat" hatdcore game life. We just wanna have a good time, min/max some builds, do some pvp, and life skill our bdo lives away. Why try hard when you can just be <Mediocre>. Contact: Psn: Tempest71 Ign: Haterade Discord: Haterade#0520 Skills: 5 accuracy 5 ap 100 hp 5 Damage reduction 2 gathering 2 fishing
  22. If you are still looking for a LFSkill guild, EastIndiaCo is recruiting. Check us out if interested.
  23. To p2w you have to drop insane amounts of money and only one person has done such thing mrp2w(mr and mrs are the same person just Male and female characters) but even so if you don't drop money in the game you can still catch up to those who do ..the game gives you so many tools to do so
  24. I was unable to make keys as well on xbox and on ps4. I'll inquire about it with headquarters this evening If it isn't in game yet, I'll suggest that it be added. I also went to multiple spots where the golden boxes spawn and didn't find any. Were you able to find any @Lipty? CM Valtarra
  25. Look everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And I'm going to try and be respectful of that. But when you are a CM and you are wrong about your own game, you are just pathetic. Strikers not being released because they will break the balance of the game, when the game is broken balance cause of a class released ALREADY is ignorant and destructive of your credibility. Wizards and witches are BiS right now. Hands down. We are low accuracy meta. They thrive on that meta and are god tier. Half decent players, that are wizards witches, can destroy skilled players of other classes. And skilled players, that are wizards witches, can dominate anyone. That's not balance. And to try and justify a class not being released like that is hands down the worst thing a CM can do. Now if it's not ready that's one thing. Also CM Valtarra I'm going to try and not take that as condescending because I know sometimes my words come off that way, but it's hard. Dev Notes are not CM communication. And our CM communication is lacking. I'm sorry if anyone feels hurt or disagrees with me. But CM communication should be about upcoming events and content a long with chatting with players. We are almost never given any notice on content. The desert content was the only thing that came out with a 2 week notice the rest has been days. Like I get the rushing, I do. But it's actually breaking the balance of the game when you release stuff so fast and inconsistent. Buffed wizards to counter getting slaughtered by Strikers/Mystics/Archers but yet we have none of them for that buff to be needed. So on ps4 you have an S+ tier class running around slaughtering C classes to A classes at current meta.. these classes we have get much better at higher accuracy meta. Which we arent at yet. I love this game but the way it's being rushed is not good. Its damaging to current players. Will be fantastic when it's done. But harming something now for something to be better later is not always a good choice. That's what I'm getting at. If you are gonna rush content, rush it the best way possible for your current players. So you keep them, or simply just so they are happy and spend more money.
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