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  2. Tharonil

    Turning off names

    Name and health bar disable option would be great 🙂
  3. Tharonil

    Trouble with 4k for anyone else?

    For me it's the same too. 🤔
  4. ainars

    Account link

    Hi. I registered account and link. Now after time I can't link anymore. Its show is already linked to another account. I delete and made new one. And its showing same which one I made 1min ago. No idea what's happen. Ps name a-i-n-x. Appreciate for soon answer. Thx and have nice day.

    I made 900 Mil in 2 hours |BDO Gold Farming

    I thought this was a joke to begin with sounded like you were taking the p**s out of the silly YouTube videos about making crazy money that never actually work. Truth is you're extremely lucky to get that I think there's only been a few dropped on Xbox. It's misleading to new players that you would be making 900m in a few hours. Probably closer to 10-20 an hour not including witches earrings. The only reason you're getting upto 3 witches Inna few hours is the loot scrolls. They have a massive effect on drop rates. I picked up 4 earrings in 15 mins before with them. Without them if you're lucky you might get 1 every few hours, but might not get one the whole day. As soon as the loot scrolls are gone it's back to the 10-20m an hour. Informative video for players wanting to know about node investment etc but misleading at the same time for new players about how much money you can expect to make per hour.
  6. ShivaxOmega

    [EU] Norsk Guild søker folk!

    Hei! Vi er en liten gjeng fra Kr.sand som ønsket å starte med en Fresh start, denne muligheten kom da spillet endelig ble lansert på PS4! Vi har alle lang og god erfaring med BDO fra PC. Vi søker litt flere norske spillere til guildet for mer sosialt, events, partys osv. Vi er alle godt voksne, 30+ og relativt aktive og vi ønsker å ha godt voksne og gjerne folk med BDO erfaring fra enten PC eller Xbox, men nye folk er også velkomne. Foreløpig er målet bare å nyte spillet og ha det gøy sammen, men vi må se hvor fremtiden bringer oss! Vi ønsker å delta på node wars ettersom PvP er det beste spillet har å by på Guild : Enemy Guild Leader : Shivax OmegaLegion Kontakt meg gjerne på forumet eller ingame dersom dette kunne være noe for deg

    Question from a ps4 player

    Yeah they fix small issues here & there, but they don't acknowledge or address big issues such as the stuff I've already mentioned. The scrolling issue most definitely hasn't been resolved, not for me and many other people have mentioned it in my guild. Regarding desync/lag that is an issue they can be partially solved by hosting the game on better servers with higher tick rates. There's plenty of MMOs that use better servers to provide a overall better experience when pvping. It's so very apparent when duelling in battle area that it's sometimes 1-2 seconds out. It won't make it perfect, but it would definitely be a step in the right direction. At the end of the day it all comes down to money & we know that's where PAs priorities lie so it's probably not going to happen. As for getting stuck I would have to do at least 3-5 tickets and descriptions every day, which I'm not willing to do. If I wanted to be a game terrain tester I would apply for a job as one. As I said before if you can deal with these issues then it's a good game. I've chosen to ignore them because I enjoy the game, but it doesn't mean I have to like the way they deal with stuff.
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  9. Brikz

    Investment and Mass Production not completing

    Same Problem
  10. Drifter667

    Can Shai catch blue grade or higher fish?

    I was catching gold colored fish with my Shai when I found a spot with seagulls out on my fishing boat. --Momentai :3
  11. Drifter667

    Cant mount my wagen there no option

    I feel your pain, I've been waiting for a fix since the class released and all I've been shown is that the devs can't even be bothered to switch on a feature that works for every other class just fine. Oh but we did get a whole new class, one with an awakening at that... and another region hahaha. --Momentai :3
  12. Mikuru Atlasia

    [NA][Ps4] Moonlit Dawn

    If you're still recruiting, let me know. I'm also a player on PC (play on NA server but have been playing since Russian beta) and can probably contribute in some way. The only thing I ask if if this is a very laid back guild? I'm not trying to be the best or compete like my life depends on it and like to actually enjoy myself in the game (this probably explains why I'm in a guild of 2 with my friend on the PC version).
  13. Mikuru Atlasia

    Home town?

    I probably won't pick a town till Grana comes out. The house I want to reside in is there like I have on the PC version. I can probably wait till then. If not, I'll probably pick Calpheon as a temp housing area till then.
  14. Stifler85

    Sky Hawk pet not received

    I don't think the mail is in spam
  15. Downtain

    Im i good to make a new name?

    This is the Xbox forums not the PS4 forums. Click here for the PS4 forums. also, as mentioned before; the rewards should be connected to your PSN not your family name or character name.
  16. Downtain

    PS4 Deluxe Preorder Bonuses?

    Click here to go to the PS4 forums. This is the Xbox forums. Most of us won’t know much of anything about the PS4 version of the game.
  17. Downtain

    ps4 early access

    This should be in the PS4 section not the Xbox section. Click here to go to the PS4 forums
  18. Downtain

    I made 900 Mil in 2 hours |BDO Gold Farming

    There is no player to player trading, only trading over the central market (which means it would go to whoever placed the bid first). This is posted in the wrong place. This is the XBOX forum not the PS4 forum. Click here to go to the PS4 forums.
  19. SolAshur

    I made 900 Mil in 2 hours |BDO Gold Farming

    I see your point of view. The way I'm looking at it is that with a player driven economy a piece like this could serve as a good trading tool. I've seen some pretty epic pieces drop over notifications so if necessary I could reach out to some players and try and make negotiations. Yeah i did completely missclick the section though; my bad.
  20. Hedonist_Jester

    I made 900 Mil in 2 hours |BDO Gold Farming

    You obv missed the point. Whether you would or should is moot. You cant - because nobody has 900m at the moment. And if they somehow did, they wouldnt be blowing it on a witches earring when theyll have boss gear to worry about shortly. Im happy you're happy. Good job finding such a great piece so early. But your subject line is misleading, you're in the wrong forums, and claiming a value on an item that as of yet has no ability to be liquidated is kinda meh.
  21. SolAshur

    I made 900 Mil in 2 hours |BDO Gold Farming

    I never sold the earring man. I would never sell a IV earring when the game has only released a 3 days ago. However, Yes i would be able to sell the earing for whatever price i wanted because there are very few IV lvl items in the game right now let alone the market.
  22. Hedonist_Jester

    I made 900 Mil in 2 hours |BDO Gold Farming

    Really? You sold that earring for 900 mil, or are you just going based on what the little CM tab says its worth? I killed six giants in 0.8 seconds, dropping 4 heavy spears at 7700 silvers each. Thats 138m per hour, completely wrong, yet still somehow more accurate than what you posted.
  23. Hedonist_Jester

    Question from a ps4 player

    Dude... they fix things within 1-2 weeks of it being brought forward unless its something that obviously takes longer. The scrolling issue was addressed, and artifacts of that issue do pop up from time to time, but thats because they need informed of them. Let me ask you, how many of these mobility stuck spots have you reported? You're a striker - and without going into too much stereotype, theres a mentality that comes with ookook thats you're definitely not helping. Try to be proactive about the issues you encounter and see how long it takes for them to be addressed. As far as desync is concerned, thats not technically a bug. Its an aspect of worldwide client-server communication that wont be lessened on the parts of the game devs, only on the parts of the network administrators, ISPs, and technological advancements as a whole. The only way a global communication system like an mmo video game can be without some form of desync is through turn-based systems, smaller draw on bandwidth, or offloading checks and balances to the client side... all of which turn a game like BDO into Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Im not trying to talk down to you.. the purpose of this reply was to inform you that your animosity toward PA in regards to fixing bugs is highly misplaced. Their REAL problem is in delivering on promises, but thats beyond the scope of the OPs question.
  24. Alphadog


    Still waiting for my this game to work it’s been 2 days and no reply or help with this bug I just wanna play...

    Question from a ps4 player

    Nah I'm on one X mate. Well I'm guessing you don't PvP then because it's common knowledge amongst the PvP community about the desync issues and it's also the general consensus that the games stability gets worse every patch. Are you NA? Maybe the game is hosted in better servers than the EU if you're. But saying PA fix issues in 1-2 weeks is a straight up lie, especially when they don't even acknowledge issued in the first place.
  26. I go through the whole process of choosing my region, console, promotions etc. and at the end, when I'm supposed to start, I get an error that I failed to login. The credentials are 100% correct and I can log with them to the official console website.
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