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  2. por lo que se ve no ven estos mensajes en este foro , por que el juego sige totalmente mal
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  4. @CM Trent I am unable to fill out the Heidel Ball survey. I get an access error. I got the invite email and my in game email but when I try to click the link in the email, here is the error I get: You need permission This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake
  5. The Imperial Beer Festival has begun! Start up those cooking utensils, and get to brewing. Our workers are thirsty, and nobody likes to see a grumpy goblin. 😂🍻 Festival Info: https://bit.ly/3ddMh2T
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  7. Connection to Server lost 10x in a row within As title says suddenly happened right after midnight in EU timezone Anone else have this issue ?, i was cooking in heidel btw. Edit: was not on my end was connected and in party with other players XBOX
  8. Looking for anyone interested in joining a small guild. Really chill and helpful. Currently only have 5 members with a few guild buffs. There are no GS or level requirements to join other than being 18+. Any and all are welcome from new/returning to veterans. We mainly do PvE and lifeskills but as we get bigger we may dabble in PvP. Come join, if you're interested, and build a friendly and helpful guild. Forgot to mention, NA region.
  9. @CM_Valtarra I'm not sure that this is understood. I'll try to restate. - Training experience is something a character gets when a horse they are riding levels. - In a 4 horse wagon, horses level 4 times slower than riding a single horse. The player needs to get the same amount of training experience when a horse levels in a wagon because it happens 4 times slower. But the BDO code divides it by four. This is incorrect. Simply put, if you put 4 horses in a wagon and ride them around for 24 hours, you will get 4 times less training experience than if you ride a single horse around for 24 hours. This should not be happening.
  10. I'm a new ps4 player and I would like to join also my cousin is a new player and would like to join as well
  11. I am having this issue, his chair is empty in Calpheon
  12. So ? where you get this from - you said oyu were lucky to get your rednose to tet - the chance for rednose tet with 50 fs is 2x higher then blackstar duo to tri Why you wanna farm Trees or Aakman - Trees for exp i guess, Aakman for profit? The problem is tree groups are looking for ppl 235 + cause of the bracket dmg as @Rocketfuel77777 already explained. Also he said it is a pain with your ap grinding aakman - and yes it surly is and your can't grind any profit in aakman with this low ap. i suggest to grind bloodwolves, fogans, pila ku, or crescent shrine for profit - If you really wanna level up fast (i dont know why you should do that except capotia earring) ask your guildies if they carry you trees within a 5 man split group. Also what you can do is farming Cadry's for rings, melt them to yonas fragments and then you can craft a second capotia ring (reaching softcap is near). If you achieved your second capotia you could craft basi belts with the yonas fragments and try to enhance to tri... same with crescent rings, farm them, up them, sell them (as long as you dont want to push to tet crescent) - get ready for stars end slowly (we dont get this within the next 2 months i think) valk is top tier stars end grinder. Closure: It's pointless to ask for implements in the game which are already planned for ps4 or lower grind spot req's. There are casual players which reached softcap - it's a "privileg" to grind higher spots... it doesnt make sense to flood these good spots with a shttton of undergeared ppl. Greets Lip PS: it is my opinion
  13. Do you even know how easy it is to get 240 ap with kutum? You don't need super high end gear like at all, all you need is bartali logs completed, the 2 free kamasylve earrings you get at tri(basically free tri witchs earrings),tri seraphs,tri basi,tri cres ring,capotia ring , and ofc tet weapons. Considering you're talking about black star which is one of the hardest items to enhance in the game everything I mentioned should be easy to achieve.
  14. To be able to kill something doesn't mean you should be killing it. It must be painful to do aakman with your AP.. you will be making more money at pila ku or bloodwolves instead of pushing yourself to zones you can't grind efficiently. And if you want to level up from 61 to 62 without 235 AP then go polly forest with marni stones. Trust me, grinding zones which are out of your ap reach is one of the reasons people burn out.
  15. I am looking to join a good guild. Recent BDO player. Started with Xbox but got a PC account too so I can learn what is coming on XBox. I'm a little unfamiliar with how to add people on BDO, and definitely don't know how to join a guild. Have Artisan cooking, processing, almost training, and gathering. Would love the guild buffs and to make some friends to do some things together.
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  17. Greetings Adventurers! Join us this weekend, from the comfort of your home, while we stream an event fit for a king or queen! 🤴👸 Info: https://bit.ly/2M61Dec Airing on Twitch and YouTube: NA: 5/30 1AM~3AM (PDT) EU: 5/30 9AM~11AM (UTC+1) ASIA: 5/30 5PM~7PM (GMT+9)
  18. Also 10 AP is extra from MacLeod Crystals (general AP not monster AP), how am I killing Aakman mobs if I can't do Trees and the AP requirements different, becauase of Elite Boss spawn probably? Where Mansheum and Tungrads which one if you could address that.
  19. Black star isn't that difficult, there is a level 62 and a level 55 option to do on the quest.,... I guess you haven't done it before? You don't have to be that high level to craft a blackstar. The AP bracket is sound reasoning. I am on book 12 of Bartali Log or so I feel you there. I understand I will calculate how to get to 235.
  20. I already tried and it didn't work. I sent a message to you
  21. Hello there, I have been playing this game for a couple of day and I like it's depth and potential. I have been playing mmorpg games for many years and will like to stick around. Is it possible to join you? From your description it looks you are an organised and friendly bunch. Hope you can reply soon. Etelborn
  22. You forget about the bracket AP that comes with 235 and the previous bracket is 209 so difference is significant: 209 – 234 30 235 – 244 40 Don't get me wrong but you basically deal no damage to trees below that bracket. Also, you are writing about star's end - good luck making black star and getting it to tri if you can't even reach soft cap. Besides, monster AP is not calculated towards 235 bracket cause it is required to have sheet ap of 235, not factoring kutum/black star monster AP or other, quasi stats. Problem with players is that they want too much too quickly. I'm 270 kutum and the only offensive pen I have is dande so you can go well past soft cap without any pens, most AP past soft cap comes from hard work on accessories. Having that said, to me you simply lack knowledge/plan on how to reach goals. Soft cap is easy, imagine how hard is to past that point. Bottom line is, you are not ready even for trees, not to mention anything past that. P.S. Do your Bartali logs if you haven’t. That’s free 4 AP.
  23. Xbox has so much more damage than PS4 right now I can see the difference in the Katzvariak fights right now because the time that the Xbox players are killing Katzvariak is so much faster than any PS4 server. PS4 players have like 5-6 trees groups per days but it's not nearly as high end as the xplay or the Xbox servers. Adding in Star's End wit Black Distortion Earring and Blackstar is not going to damage the game because it gives high level players a challenge @ 251 AP which a lot of players are at and it helps them to help level 60-61 players to actually get to 62.
  24. How do they drop that loot? do you have a trick?
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