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  2. Sarumonin

    I'm Giving Away (x1) Ultimate Edition Pack!

    I know 😓 it's unfortunate, but given the costs are a bit high to pay Euros, being Canadian, it's a bit rough haha. I'll try my best to do something for EU for give aways in the coming weeks! ♥️
  3. MightyPogo

    [EU] Supra

  4. Shadi

    Optimisation Mode

    i expect Its the lack of mobs when scheduled pvp is on. Better indication when the mobs are back may help. Surely anyone pvping should have less issues on Arsha and those channels with scheduled pvp being less crowded.
  5. Rocketfuel77777

    Optimisation Mode

    Arsha is in fact run by higher gear score players and usually the fight for a spot ends with one combo back and forth. It's by no means empty though. Always need to fight for the spot 😪
  6. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Optimisation Mode

    Is it down to the fact that only 3 servers are ever used on Xbox and they are constantly crowded, nobody uses Arsha, Bal1 or Serendia and Mediah they are always dead when you log onto them. Maybe PA need to start capping whats left of the console servers so excess players start using the empty servers, or add more negative effects to pk players so they prefer to use the Arsha server instead ( although i hear that Arsha is owned by elite pvp players that noob pkrs wont dare fight). Either way for consoles it looks like the lags here to stay.
  7. Nimrod

    Optimisation Mode

    Yeah every one who plays sw or nw knows what u talking about. Not be able to see the enemies or teleporting enemies. Since have a ssd I don't have that problem anymore
  8. MahouShoujoDesu

    What we should wait (Assumptions 100%)

    I think they would announce OBT beforehand if there was any in plans. There's only a month left.
  9. Blunt

    [EU] Vendetta

    Vendeta is recruiting active members. We are a Hardcore PVP guild with 50+ members and have many active members. We are currently in the process of moving everyone to our Discord. If u feel like you are the best join us. →EU Guild → Active → PvP/Node wars → lvl 55+ GS 450+ → Guild Missions → Scroll runs → World Bosses → Guild Buffs → Daily/Weekly Guild Payouts → Discord Join our discord and check it out to see if is the guild for you. https://discord.gg/79uVqVZ
  10. Shomeira

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    When will the winners be announced ?
  11. Helzefeld

    What we should wait (Assumptions 100%)

    Would be really nice to get used to the console play before official
  12. maXmood

    Optimisation Mode

    same issue exactly!!!.. and when i explain what exactly happens, ppl tell me "it's ok to say you don't know how to play" "it's fine if you lose" "i'm better than you" "don't blame it on the game" and all type of BS.. we need optimization and less lag/rubber banding..
  13. PipR89

    Optimisation Mode

    I totally agree. I love this game and play it a lot. But lately when I go to grab other players (I play warrior) I either completely miss because turns out they aren't actually anywhere near where I grab even though it looked like they were, or else I grab them and when I go to start my Combo their body is moved to a different location so my Combo misses. This was the case the last few node wars and Conquest. The lag and rendering really does need to fixed or it is gonna force people to quit. Me included and I Have sunk a lot of time into this game since launch. Can we get an update as to whether this is going to be resolved?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hello hello! Thought I'd throw this in here, I'm giving away 1 Ultimate Edition Pre-Order Pack for the Playstation 4! I can't wait for Black Desert to come out, and want as many people as I can help to experience it!
  16. Tekeii

    [EU] Supra

    Good Luck guys
  17. Tekeii

    [EU] Silence.

    Good Luck guys
  18. Tekeii

    [EU] Apex - PvP Recruitment

    Good Luck guys
  19. Tekeii

    Optimisation Mode

    When are we getting the optimisation mode, yeah the game looks pretty and im sure all the weebs enjoy sitting on a rock taking photos in hd. Whats the point in having 100 man guilds if the game can't handle f/u/c/k/i/n/g 1v1 in battle arena. Players don't render and the lag is getting worse. Fix it asap or the game is just going to die. @GM_Hexe @CM Trent @CM Valencia
  20. Tr3nch

    Travel to Valencia via wagon

    Once sail boats arrive we will be able to bypass the desert altogether.
  21. Tr3nch

    [NA][Whalers][PVE] EastIndiaCo

    Yes the guild does both. We also dabble in Node but mostly for fun. We have taken several and it allows us to payout guild bonuses. We are also allied with several pvp guilds. We have also started the NA Lifeskiller Alliance between several of the larger LF guilds. Drop by our discord and leave a msg in #General and an officer will get you in. Hope to see you soon in The Company.
  22. <SuperBadLegion> **EU SERVER** Recruiting active and dedicated people wanting to progress in the PvP side of BDO. We NW 3x a week currently looking to extend this with more recruits, Our NW leaders have a vast amount of experience leading on both xbox and high end pc NWs We have an active discord and organise loads of events and NWs via discord We all have a laugh and are always around for a chat or to help others We are taking on any gs and any level atm as we will happily help and encourage newer players to level and help teach. Drop me a message below or message me on XBL - ElusiveNovias Cheers all.
  23. Cufu

    Unable to Create an Account on website

    Still stuck "This password is not available" for every password attempt. Anyone else getting this issue? It's impossible to submit a ticket
  24. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=8ShPREH3aJs&amp;feature=share More to come, with content that other guides lack.
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